Kwadwo In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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May 26, a day with regular African heat but extreme humidity, 10 year old Kwadwo (Kingsley) on the last walk home from school, struggles to get all the sweat out of his drenched T-shirt as he twists and twists numerous times until his palms are red. Agya, Kwadwo’s grandad is on the porch smirking, as he knows exactly what just happened. This “walk of shame” if you may has been made too many times. Kwadwo just walked approximately five miles in ninety degree heat all because his stomach being upset about not getting fried yams with pepper, shito (spicy black pepper sauce) and fried fish would bother him more than his feet being sore after the walk. Agya begins to speak but stops to clear his throat and as Kwadwo nervously reaches for the words “I didn’t do it,” Agya with pure joy in the tone of a show hosts announcing the winner, “YOU’RE GOING TO AMERICA.”
Kwadwo at this point is as confused as a student in a chemistry class taught by a Russian teacher with an extremely thick accent. He is also excited and terrified
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No one can see the tears running down his face because of all the sweat. He begins his goodbyes and immediately the mood shifts from pure joy to absolute sadness. It feels like America has just won its independence but Washington just stepped down from office. Kwadwo’s emotions are all over the place at this point; he’s ecstatic about leaving all of the bullying, physical abuse and seeing his mom. However, he’s going to miss the man who raised him; Agya. May 28th, a gloomy day in the Basoah household for most, half of the day is spent packing, while some mourn as though they just lost a piece of their heart, others were doing their best not to slip up and smile. On the way to the airport, Kwadwo is told he will be travelling with a friend of my dad’s, however as they enter the airport gate he gives them a call and tells them

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