Kurt Sutter's: Serial Killers

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Inside A vigilantly
Unless you have been living under a rock over the past decade you have probably heard young adults exclaim their excitement to go home and “Netflix and chill”. Several networks have produced hard hitting dramas over the last few years that have Americans “binge-watching” and becoming highly more emotionally invested than ever before. Two of my personal favorites are Kurt Sutter’s: Sons of Anarchy and HBO’s Dexter. Both of the shows depict its main character involved in intense lives of crime. The overall connection most people have to the protagonist of both, is fascinating on account of they are both serial killers. The prime objective of my analyzation is to study
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In Dexter he observed other criminals who he believes are poisonous to the community and acts out his own sickness (desire to kill) by only allowing him to rid the world of other bad guys. While the main plot line in SOA was the gun sales the bikers were involved with, you can see that each murder committed by Jax was also one motivated by the other person being morally a bad person, (Rapist, abuser, drug dealer, kidnapper). Dexter’s meticulous planning and wide spread array of victims gave viewers a lot of variety of crime and murder. Each week the show depicted a new twisted way to bring a killer to his end, whereas in SOA almost all episodes were gun violence towards the same type of perpetrator. I think regardless of the show, Americans just like action, of either kind. Dexter seemed to have a very clear cut concise planning of his murders, while almost 9/10 Jax, even if for the right reason acted sloppily out of emotions. I don’t consider either method used to be better than the other. In both television series it will clear from a very early season the writer had no problem killing off a main character. This to me was a reason I think more people became obsessed with both shows, you truly did not know what could happen next. While both killed off a number of main characters throughout the season, only in ONE show was the main character killed off in the season finale. (I won’t spoil it and say

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