Essay Kudler Fine Foods

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Kudler Fine Foods

BSA310- Business Systems

University of Phoenix


Contemporary businesses depend heavily on information systems. These are systems in which data and information flow from one person or department to another. These systems encompass everything from interoffice mail and telephone links to computer and communication systems that generate reports. They serve all the systems of a business by linking the different components together so that they work effectively toward the same goal. Information systems can reside at various levels and within all functional areas within an organization. These systems are very critical to the business process of an organization. They also have an impact
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Kathy had a concern about keeping fresh products on the shelves. Implementing a bar code scanning system can help provide information on items such as the date an item arrives to the store and also provide an expiration date. All products should be scanned before being placed on the shelves. When an item is sold, it will be scanned and removed from the on-stock inventory. A report shall be generated daily, weekly and monthly that will determine all items close to their expiration date and any items that need to be reordered for each individual store.
All of the company’s financial data will be transmitted through the computer networking system that will allow the Kathy to monitor how well the company is doing financially instead of waiting for each store to provide their individual stats.
Investing in an enterprise database management system distributed with a relational file model will allow all of the data from Kudler Fine Foods to reside on more than one system within a network. Through the relational file model database management system data will be stored in a basic table structure. It will look similar to an excel spreadsheet within the central database. This data can be accessed, retrieved or updated from any mode within the company’s network. It will provide Kudler Fine Foods with the necessary data and information at any location while allowing the same data to be transmitted simultaneously to other

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