Kudler Fine Foods Essay

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Individual Assignment:
Marketing Research


Due to its recent growth, the gourmet grocery store of Kudler Fine Foods needs to expand the services it offers, improve operating efficacy, and increase its purchase cycle. Marketing research in developing Kudler’s marketing strategy and tactics is essential to their success. Opportunities for growth in marketing research (and other issues affecting such research at Kudler Fine Foods, include advertising methods) consumer buying behaviors and demographics, funding, branding strategies and competition aspects. Knowing Kudler’s competition and the market environment is essential to their marketing plan and methods of how Kudler should gather and analyze information
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In order to grow, the company must be aggressive in using its funds to reach a larger target market. Another issue important to marketing research is gaining a better understanding consumer buying behaviors. Kudler executives may have a certain perception about the their customers, but research data could prove different. Kudler’s ability to develop and implement an integrated system of tracking customer purchases and preferences, using customer relationship management (CRM) software, will help the company personalize loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, which will result in a loyal customer base. Starting out as a small store, Kudler has experienced rapid growth. Their growth will be slowed if adequate advertising is not utilized. New customers should be obtained to continue growth. Social networking and word-of-mouth are excellent growth strategies, however, other avenues, such as television, radio, internet, and print advertisements should be explored to reach a larger customer base. Research into Kudler’s customer base is needed. What is Kudler’s target market and what are they concerned about? Do they value pricing over quality? And can both be achieved? What demographic groups do Kudler’s customers belong? What products and services do the customers want? How do Kudler customers interact? Kudler’s existing stores are currently located in

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