Kudler Fine Foods Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods is currently implementing a system to track customer purchases through the intranet. Since the recent growth Kudler is now focused on expanding their services to increase revenue. Sales and marketing are seeking to target a large customer base by offering a loyalty program by offering several incentives for returning customers and a specialty-cooking seminar where customer will participate with a world-renowned chef, local celebrities and other experts.
Sales and marketing predicts this will increase customer purchases rate as well as increase sales in the revenue per visits and increase the frequency of visits to the store. This not only boost sales but contribute to word-of-mouth marketing.
The customer base has
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The frequent shopper program will reward customers that shop at Kudlers Fine Foods. KFF will issue the customers that sign up for the program a card that will track their transactions, and accrue points as they spend more money. The frequent shopper program expectations are that they focus on quality products that people are interested in. The program will also target new customers. One big focus as we progress with this system is making sure that we keep customer information confident. We must find a way to ensure that our customer’s information isn’t leaving our system in any way. The goal with the new system is to increase profit. By allowing customers rewards when they shop with Kudler it should add more incentive for them to shop more to build more point, and receive those rewards. The goal is to increase profit by rewarding those customers that choose to sign up for the rewards program every time they shop with us. With the new program we will not have to completely rebuild the system. This is good because it will cost less, and will not require employees to be retrained on a completely new system. Kudler Fine Foods will also be participating in a customer survey program which will allow us to maintain customer satisfaction while profiting more due to the frequent shopper program.
Kudler fine foods system requiring frequent shopper

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