Kudler Fine Food - Marketing Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store that is located in the San Diego vicinity. Kudler Fine Foods has three locations in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. Each location boasts 8,000 square feet of retail space filled with a fine selection of bakery and pastry products; fresh produce; fresh meat and seafood; condiments and seafood; and cheese and specialty dairy products. Kudler Fine Food is owned by Kathy Kudler who first opened a store on June, 18, 1998, with the aspiration of delivering fine products with excellent customer service. With the marketing focus review, this paper will discuss the potential technology solutions for customer contests, loyalty points programs, purchase tracking, benchmarking of internal …show more content…
Kudler Fine Foods utilizes purchase tracking to follow profit, profit margin, and transactions that have taken place over a period of time. With the large amounts of data, Kudler Fine Foods will need an effective, efficient, and accurate means of capturing and storing this information. In stating that, the main server will need to be located at the main store so as to be a focal point for all communications that happen between all stores. Benchmarking can be described as the most effective method in relation to both products and processes. Other successful business entities that are similar to Kudler Fine Foods can be viewed as a model such as Wal-mart. Being able to view Wal-mart as a model for the processes, Kudler Fine Foods is able to meet benchmarking, if not higher, and continuously improve on it products and processes. On the technology side of benchmarking, online web based training courses can be created to teach and inform employees on the new products and services. An important part of Kudler Fine Foods is inventory management since Kudler Fine Foods is a store that sells a large amount of fine foods. Not knowing what is in stock can lead to an overstock or a shortage of merchandise. Having an overstock simply spells wasted money that could have been spent elsewhere. Having a shortage of product would lead to dissatisfied customers. On the technology

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