Ko And Adolphus Wariboko Novel Analysis

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A brief summary
Nigeria was colonised in the year 1885 by the British, it then went on to become a protectorate under the Britain. Nigeria got her name from Flora Shaw who coined it from Niger and Area as there was a river called Niger flowing through the country. In the year 1960 on the first of October, Nigeria gained her independence after many meetings and conferences were held. Leading patriots, politicians and scholars of the time namely Nnamdi Azikwe, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa amongst many others fought for this cause and saw that it became a success. This was like a storm brewing in a tea cup as it would set off a train reaction of many historical events.
‘Post-colonial: in relation to the period following a state of colonialism.’
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The veterans are referred to as KO and AW respectively throughout the play. KO, Kenule Ododo, is now the leader of a Niger Delta militant group whereas his old friend and fellow soldier AW, Adolphus Wariboko, is now a Nigerian police officer. Following the kidnap of foreign expatriates, KO is brought in for questioning and not so coincidentally AW has been in to conduct his interrogation. Being old friends, it is expected that AW would be able to get KO to disclose the whereabouts of these missing …show more content…
KO recounts an incident of how he had killed his cousin without hesitation because he had believed him to be an enemy whereas his cousin Ibeh had only been trying to protect his people; their people who he had only helped destroy. Creating a militant group for the progress of his community is KO’s penance and he tries to make AW see this. AW although is not pleased with this approach preferring to make a change gradually rather than suddenly and brashly like KO seems to be doing. KO goes on to recount an incident in the past, AW had forcefully raped a young woman all under the guise of doing his duty to the nation, being a soldier. AW is sorry for his past misdeeds and tells KO to forget about the past calling it ‘trivial’. KO refuses to forget the past, because he

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