Knowledge Vs Knowledge

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I do not completely agree with this statement, as it can be justified in some areas of knowledge such as science and history but not apply to others such as Art as there is a different way knowledge is produced in each area of knowledge. Is knowledge be produced, or is it rather acquired? Knowledge in each area of knowledge is acquired or created differently. In science knowledge is made by experimenting and observations to prove a knowledge claim. Knowledge can only be created after many scientists and tested and proved the same knowledge claim. After proving the claim, we as a society value to claim as knowledge. An example would be Copernicus’ theory on heliocentrism which he established around 1543. If Copernicus’ had not theorized that …show more content…
But, determining the value of knowledge is subjective. Value could mean belief, as in personal value. Which means that if it is difficult to comprehend a knowledge claim which has been proven we will value it more. Two plus two equals four is an example of knowledge we value or believe in. It is very simple we know that each number has a value and when you add it together it becomes a different value. But why does two plus two equal four? The numerical names of numbers are international around the world, so when I say the number five in Russia they will know exactly how much that is. This is only true because English is the global language. In Russia two plus two equals four is different. They will not use the same words to represent the numerical values. But the idea behind the equation is still the same. But when you say two plus two equals four in English it is valued more than if you say it in …show more content…
Evolving can be seen as both physically and technologically. We can evolve our technology to help us in the future. Which means the knowledge we learn in school is valuable. But not everything we learn in school is knowledge. Knowledge in biology twenty years ago was not the same as now, as scientists try to disprove a knowledge claim or find opposing evidence against another knowledge claim. The knowledge we learn today at school is the belief our society has of the truth, but it is not knowledge. We will never be able to know if we have found out the truth about a fact, but as time goes on we are getting closer and closer to the truth.

How can we determine the value of knowledge in history? Knowledge of the past can help us predict events which may happen in the future, and how to deal with them. The two World Wars we have had were mainly due to the conflict between two nations. We learn about the consequences of both wars, and how devastating it would be for most countries in the world if a World War III were to

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