Knowledge Is Made By Science And History Essay

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I do not completely agree with this statement, as it can be justified in some areas of knowledge such as science and history but not apply to others such as Art as there is a different way knowledge is produced in each area of knowledge. Is knowledge be produced, or is it rather acquired? Knowledge in each area of knowledge is acquired or created differently. In science knowledge is made by experimenting and observations to prove a knowledge claim. Knowledge can only be created after many scientists and tested and proved the same knowledge claim. After proving the claim, we as a society value to claim as knowledge. An example would be Copernicus’ theory on heliocentrism which he established around 1543. If Copernicus’ had not theorized that the rotation of Earth was around the sun, some years later another philosophist might have come up with the theory. Whereas in history knowledge is produced by analysis of artifacts and data from previous events. Which means that the creation of knowledge involves the acquiring of previous knowledge. But, there are biases in ever source of knowledge in history. In German textbooks, the portrayal of Hitler will be different than those in the USA, because of the cultural bias towards Hitler. Which is why when studying history the different biases have to be kept in mind. The knowledge in history will alter depending on where in the world you go. Knowledge in the natural sciences in concrete whereas in the History and Human sciences it can…

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