Knowing Your Own Darkness Is The Best Method For Dealing With The Darknesses Of Other People

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Carl Jung once stated that “knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people” (Carl). In Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, Hamlet exhibits a series of mental issues due to the death of his father and a new blossoming romance in his mother’s life. Speculation from many of his friends and family is circulating on what is making him “mad” although nobody is sure of the real reason. The major issue in Hamlet’s life causing him to act in a deranged fashion is the death of his father, King Hamlet. The behaviors he exhibits are linked with the same behaviors as those suffering from schizophrenia. In the early seventeenth century those close to him might have just believed that he was saddened and in the process of self recovering after his father’s death, but in 2015 with enormous amounts of medical research it’s obvious he is experiencing schizophrenia. Schizophrenia. A mental disorder which is characterized by lacking the ability to draw a distinction between fictitious and authentic and a series of peculiar actions. The abnormal behavior associated with schizophrenia includes: unclear thinking, confusion, agitation, hostility, self harm, hallucinations, and/or thoughts that others are plotting harm against them (Podrug). Hamlet starts to experience many of these symptoms following the murder of his father inflicted by King Claudius.
The initial factor that causes commotion in Hamlet’s life is the murdering of King Hamlet, his…

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