`` Know That They 're Not Alone By Duncan Tonatiuh 's Book, Pancho Rabbit And The Coyote

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Children’s literature has been around for a long time, parents reading to their children, books about fairies, talking animals, and princesses and prince charming; but most of the time children’s literature isn’t just talking animals. In Duncan Tonatiuh’s, children’s book, Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote, we see a story about a rabbit named Pancho, that set out to look for his father, who has traveled up north for a job to support his family, who hasn’t returned. Along the way Pancho meets Coyote, and Coyote offers help but with a price.
The author’s purpose of writing this book is to educate and eliminate common misconceptions about illegal immigration and to shine light on illegal immigrants and migrants who leave their families behind to find a decent job in America, and to let children who are going or have gone through what Pancho Rabbit faced in the book, know that they’re not alone. He demonstrates this by using literary devices like symbolism, and the illustrations to tell the struggles illegal mexican immigrants and migrants face when moving to America and allow children to be imaginative.
A way Tonatiuh, uses literary devices to demonstrate his purpose is by using symbolism in. For example Señor Coyote represents those who smuggle migrants to america and often take advantage of them by taking what little they have. This book shines light on the struggles immigrants face trying to get to a better life and living and also how smugglers also commonly known as coyotes,…

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