Kinship Systems of the Inuit Culture Essay

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Kinship Systems of the Inuit Culture
Marcus Sims
Ant 101
Instructor Geoff Wood
Aug 12, 2012

Kinship Systems of the Inuit Culture The Inuit people live in the harsh conditions of the Arctic region of North America. Once referred to commonly as “Eskimos,” Inuit’s are spread out in different regions across the Arctic. As a foraging culture, the Inuit’s live and operate in wide range of terrains as they forage and hunt. This paper will explore the traditional kinship systems of the Inuit people and contrast them with similar systems used by the American Culture. The Inuit people live in multi-family bands, typically about 25-50 people. Laird, B. & Nowak,
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Also competing with the Inuit’s are other hunters and predators of the seals including polar bears and other Inuit bands. In addition to being a primary food source, the seals provide seal blubber and their hides to be used in the construction of their boats and used in their clothing.
As summer approaches, the bands get smaller as the hunting changes from seal to caribou, salmon and fowl. Laird, B. & Nowak, P. (2012). This is done through a process known as fission. Fission is very necessary to avoid putting too much stress on the resources and environment. A large band could put a serious dent in the caribou herd, making it hard for that animal to keep their numbers at an appropriate level. Fission also allows different groups to hunt the foods of their choice in other areas. In contrast, here in America fusion doesn’t really happen in response to the environment. In some communities however, there can be a dramatic shift in people living from one area to another area due to jobs. A large contract awarded to a large company, will attract large numbers of people vying for jobs. A good example would be the
Alaskan pipeline and the nations railroad system. When hiring started for the massive Alaskan pipeline project, construction workers, welders and others, moved to the Alaska area in order to secure one of the high paying jobs. In times of high unemployment, people will

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