Gender Inequality In Frankenstein Essay

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It is not a surprising fact that gender plays an important part in many aspects of life. Although in recent times societies have grown more liberal and repealed many confinements of roles and stereotypes, bias and inequality can still be easily spotted in many places. The origins of the concept of female inferiority has always existed, as evidently seen in classic literature; its influences have originated from both societal beliefs and psychological perspectives.
A common occurrence in literature, or any fiction in general, is the stereotypical portrayal of femininity and its sacredness to women; this occurrence can be examined through the characters in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Femininity, through tinted lenses, is usually what female characters are held to conform to in order to be considered complete or perfect. In most cases,
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Objectively, it can be traced back to the different roles were that assigned to the male and female, as the primary purpose of genders was thought to be used for categorizing roles. A study on historical anthropology indicates that “A conflation of sex and gender, labour and production has resulted, with the common assumption that ‘the function of gender is to organize labour’” (Gilchrist 1). Unfortunately, roles women were expected to complete, such as care-taking, were seen as inferior. Further research of the relationship between the female role and societal perspective shows that “Archaeological approaches have been influenced by debates in anthropology, especially the concern with kinship, and the linking of productive roles with a gendered hierarchy that consistently devalues the female” (Gilchrist 1). Due to reproductive and maternal responsibilities, the productiveness and abilities of a woman are likely to be hindered; thus, the opposite gender is credited for his ability to work and

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