Essay on King Louis Xiv 's Absolute Monarch

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An absolute monarch is described as a king or queen who has unlimited power and seeks to control all of society. King Louis XIV of France, or the Sun King, defines an absolute monarch. He ruled from 1643 till his death in 1715. King Louis XIV had the longest length of rein in Europe’s history. He controlled everything and ruled by absolutism. Louis was a strong leader and nothing could stop him or question him. King Louis XIV achieved many goals as an absolute monarch. He made France very successful by having a strong and large army and made France very wealthy by taxes and moving the Court of Versailles. King Louis XIV abolished the Edict of Nantes, which gave him more power as an absolute monarch. King Louis XIV defines an absolute monarch because of his strong army, increase of revenue, and centralizing power in France.
A trait an absolute monarch should have is a well-structured army. King Louis XIV had a strong military that was about 250,000 men. By the time of his death, the army of France stood at 350,000 men. It was a modern army completely controlled by the state. This army ensured that the people were controlled within France. King Louis XIV paid a large amount of cash to have his army strengthened, which showed off his power to France and had training for the military that increased the cost for taxpayers. He led the military and expanded the French army in a series of wars that lasted throughout his reign (Ashley 55). King Louis XIV took direct control of the…

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