King And Dorothea Orem : Nursing Theorists That Have Improved Development Of Nursing Knowledge

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Imogene King and Dorothea Orem are well known nursing theorists that have significantly contributed to the development of nursing knowledge. While there is not a main dominant paradigm used to guide the practice of nursing, nor is there one that sets the direction for nursing research and education. However, they do have “similarities and differences in their strategies for theory development, their views of nursing metaparadigm concepts, and their theories of nursing system and goal attainment m terms of scope, usefulness, and their unique contribution to nursing science” (Hanucharurnkul, 1989, p. 365). Fortunately, because of the numerous different nursing theories, nurses are able to identify which theorist’s paradigm is more appropriate for education, research, or practice, depending on the health needs of the patients within the community (Hanucharurnkul, 1989, p. 365).
King’s Theory of Goal Attainment According to King’s Theory of Goal Attainment, she viewed people as rational, as well as, capable reactive beings fully competent in making decisions (Hanucharurnkul, 1989, p. 367). Also, she believed that concepts provided a sense of perception and allowed a broad view about objects, things, and persons (as cited in Sieloff & Messmer, 2014, p. 260). Her theory concentrates on the assumption that a human beings interactions with the environment leads to their state of health, even more, their ability to function within society (Sieloff & Messmer, 2014, p. 262).…

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