Kim Jong Il Kim Il Essay

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Kim Jong-Il

North Korea remains a mystery to the rest of the world. It holds its matters private, works in

ways that confuse outsiders, and threatens those who question them. It has spent decades

creating a way of life that raises curiosities and appalls outsiders through its violence and

inhumane treatment of citizens. North Korea, however, accelerated its destructive path when

Kim Jong-Il inherited leadership. In fact, Kim Jong-Il’s leadership brought North Korea to ruins.

From early on, Kim Jong-Il followed his father learning to become the next leader of North

Korea. When his father died in July of 1994, he slowly became the ruling dictator. As dictator,

he stripped more and more of the government’s powers from them and giving control to himself.

He then began to militarize his country and made developments to create warheads and nuclear

missiles. While he focused on dominating South Korea and military development, the country

suffered severe famine and little was done to help citizens or prevent it from reoccurring. Jong-Il

died in 2011 leaving the ruins of his suffering country to be run by his son, Kim Jong-Un.

The first place North Korea struggles is in its economy. It has been in a horrible state that is

not beneficial to anyone. Kim Jong-Il’s decisions led the country to a state of economic despair,

and he did not do much to change it. North Korea suffers from extreme cases of poverty and

starvation for a variety of…

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