Killing Us Softly 4 By Jane Kilbourne Essay

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“Alright people let’s get this photo shoot going! Makeup fix the model’s hair; it looks too natural. The lighting is off here; I can see her freckles; I need porcelain skin! Design, come fix the model’s dress, there is not enough leg showing here! I’m trying to do a photo shoot for a magazine, not a family portrait! Come on people let’s get this model looking perfect!” This is what happens during a typical photo shoot for any high-fashion magazine. The model is treated as an object that can be altered in any way. Women’s advertising depicts the perfect woman as a young, thin, blonde, white woman. In Jane Kilbourne 's documentary “Killing Us Softly 4” she makes a persuasive argument with the use of several examples about how women are constantly trying to achieve the idea of perfection and how today’s media plays a harmful role in how women are portrayed as objects for others to scrutinize. Women have been trying to achieve the idea of the perfect woman for decades, but it can never be achieved because the expectations are unrealistic. By the ages of ten to twelve 40-70% of girls are ashamed of at least one of their body parts. At such a young age they are told that they must be beautiful to achieve anything. The media constantly shows images of the perfect women, whether that be on billboards on the highway or in the pages of a magazine, society is always presenting this ideal woman to everyone. 98% of women report that there is a tremendous amount of pressure to…

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