Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Donald Essay

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There are many things in the world that we simply can not change, from wanting to change the color of your hair to wishing that world hunger would come to an end, but there 's just somethings that aren’t meant to be changed. Being born African American isn’t something you can choose to be and not be, it’s just something overtime that you learn to deal with, and soon strive. Here you will see the comparison between Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockingbird and Michael Donald and how a character in a book is so realistic to what actually happens in real life. Here are their stories..
On November 21, 1930’ish Tom Robinson was coming home from work when Mayella Ewell asked him to come inside and help her with a door that she was having problems with. He hadn 't thought anything of it because he had helped her out before and he didn’t mind it since he was already there. As he stood looking at the door he realized that it was pretty quiet for a place that it always bustling with children, Mayella told him that she had saved up her nickoles all year for the children to get ice cream and had finally made enough.
As he looked at the door he couldn’t see anything wrong with it and was just on his way out when Mayella asked him to get a box down from the chiffarobe. As he stood on top of the chair Mayella hugged his legs, startled, he knocked over the chair and landed on the floor right next to Mayella. In the midst of a making for a speedy get away Mayella hugged him again, following…

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