Psychopaths Cross The Line Analysis

An important aspect of life is being able to forget something and moving on. Sometimes people cross the line though, and if they cross the line then its hard to forget whatever they did and move on. The line is a very fine one and is different for each person, but everyone can agree that kidnapping and raping someone is far beyond the line. Psychopaths cannot rehabilitate. Once a person is into kidnapping their mind isn’t the same anymore. The author explains that no amount of cash can buy back years chained in the dark. Psychopaths are let of the hook by some people, but others not so much. Bottom line is when psychopaths start committing crimes it is extremely hard to stop them from harming others in the future. With people having multiple thought on this topic it raises multiple ethical problems for our society. These problems include where to put the psychopaths after they are convicted. The Justice System is in charge of deciding where to put these criminals. In some cases, they put them in mental institutions instead of prisons in order to keep them detained longer. Even the ones that go to prison have the chance of entering a mental institution afterwards. Dr. Robert Hare is the leading authority …show more content…
In this paragraph the author seems to hint to the reader which side she is on but doesn’t fully give it away. She does so by focusing on the crime and not the person committing the crime. The author does this in order to stay neutral to the question in the tittle of the article, “Can Psychopaths Be Rehabilitated.” Its important that the author does this because in the next paragraph she presents the reader a question. The question is ultimately the same as the question in the title. If she were to say kidnappers are psychopaths instead of kidnapping in not rash, then her next paragraph would have no importance to the

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