Kidnapped Angel Poem Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… In lines 4-6 she says, “The pain of losing a youthful and yet radiant life, someone who meant so much to us, the end was not supposed to be like this” shows that every family or friend of a victim of kidnapping is hurting, wondering why their beautiful life had to be taken away from them (see figure 2). Also in lines 7-13 she says, “In God’s eyes this was the best way, that he could call her home, laughter that is still ringing in our ears, the smile that we see, the smile that haunts us in our sleep….. she was and is, an angel here on Earth” shows how even though she is dead, her family remembers her as being happy, always laughing, and her innocence. Now except that she is with God, but feel her presence on Earth with them (see figure 2). Lastly, “but we will see her beautiful smiling face again, one of these days…, we will also meet our Creator…, and she’ll be standing at His glorious side, waiting for us to come Home…,” lines 18-22, symbolizes that they soon will see her again along with their Creator and they will be able to reunite once again (see figure …show more content…
Also the song has an appropriate dark feeling, which displays the sadness and anger a kidnapping can cause. In lines 1-4, a mother harshly finds out her son or daughter has been kidnapped after she calls for breakfast. Glass is everywhere from a broken window and she knows what has happened to her child. Lines 5-10 show anger towards the kidnapper. The mother says she is going to find the kidnapper and he will get the justice he deserves, and she is willing to do anything to see that he does. She also asks the kidnapper, “Don’t you know it’s violation?” as if she believes that the kidnapper feels his crime is “normal” behavior (see figure 3). “Never gonna let you take my world from me”, line 12, lets the kidnapper know that the mother is determined to get her child back unharmed. Any mother who has their child taken away from them can relate to what this woman is feeling in this …show more content…
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