Kfc Leadership Essay

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1. Executive Summary.

KFC made a plan to launch a chain of their restaurants, they made a marketing plan while analysising opportunities and risks of the market and understanding Muslim society. For example in the Middle East Number of internal and external and marketing analysis was carried out looking into marketing mix how they have launched their restaurant with some extra local recipes one of them is, Arabian Rice. The way in which KFC made a markerting plan and implemented it will be analysed in this report.

How they make a marketing plan and implement it will be analysed in this report. 2. Introduction:
KFC is the based in USA it is the world’s most popular fried chicken restaurant chain. KFC serves 12 million
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if we see contribution of GDP by different sector we would come to know that industry has great contribution and services is almost playing a great role in the GDP, as KFC business lies in the services category so KFC would have great opportunity in Saudi Arabia. Unemployment rate is not that much different since last year which is almost 11%.
For SWOT Analysis, See Appendix 1.

7. Marketing Mix

Magrath, J (2001) said that when its services business than in the marketing planning 7ps should be considered instead of 4ps model of marketing mix. The 7ps of the marketing mix are; product, price, place, promotion, personal, physical facilities and process management. As KFC is a food services Corporation, the marketing plane of Saudi Arabia will consist of 7ps and how they adopt the local culture of Saudi Arabia in terms of the marketing mix.
7.1 Product:

After visiting different KFC websites in different countries, KFC got different range of products from small chicken to snacks, sandwiches and desserts the main product they do is to fry chicken coated with 11 types of ingredients mixed with flour, cooked in special industrial machine with the high

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