Keys And Use Foreign Language Like Mother Language Essay

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Keys To Use Foreign Language Like Mother Language
Life is more and more development , it requires people have to advance their knowledge. Language is also one of the important things that people should learn more. Some think that it is hard to use the foreign language like mother language. However, it will be easy if you know the keys to studying it. There are some ways to help people improve their foreign language such as identify motivation language learning, speaking more with a native speaker, watching movies with subtitles and listening to music, reading books, through a foreign language.
When people know why they want to study the foreign language they can be easy to study it. Nowadays, people like to study many different languages. The important things are they have to know why they choose that language to study. On the other hand, people should look for their goals to study that. Goals can be going to abroad , studying for their hobby, requiring in their jobs, or expanding their knowledge. In the statement 10+ Ways to Language-learning Success by Setting Goals, Katherine Kostius (2016) prove the benefits of setting goals. It shows that people who know how to build their goals can have more effort to study that foreign language. Moreover, they can save their time and achieve a positive effect. In the essay Mother Tongue, Amy Tan showed that how is negative when her mother used English. When she went to school, she realized that rarely Asian students choose…

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