How Did Ww2 Change The World

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In the late 1930´s, a war that would change the world began. In September of 1939 Adolf Hitler, the chancellor of Germany, led an invasion of Poland which sparked the beginning of World War II. A war that resulted in millions of deaths would have been won by the Germans if there weren’t key events that had switched the tide of the war in favor the allies. Some key events that took place that changed the tide of the war were Pearl Harbor which caused the US involvement in the war. Then there was the Battle of Stalingrad, which signaled the beginning of the German retreat from Russia. The last thing that shifted the tide of the war was D-Day, which is the largest assault known to man. If it were not for these key events, the allies would not …show more content…
This was the largest amphibious attack known to man, it resulted in the three pronged attack that surrounded the German army and forced them into an eventual surrender. Many believe that if it were not for the brave men that had given their lives during this invasion, then the war would have gone on much longer than it did, or the war could have had a completely different outcome. This attack also gave such a boost to the allied soldiers that were already in Europe because the allies were losing men and supplies very quickly and they needed something to boost the war’s morale. Hitler was already retreating from Russia after the battle of Stalingrad but it would not be long before the German army was back to full strength. The allies needed to act before the Germans could once again go on the offensive, “The Allies were getting restless and Hitler was not backing down in Europe. Thousands of Jews were being slaughtered and and Europe was beginning to collapse. The Invasion was needed to strengthen the opposition and pave the way to ending the war.” (D-Day: A Turning Point In History). This attack ensured that the Germans could never again go on the offensive, this invasion also signaled that the German army was on the

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