Key Elements That Can Make Or Break Your Attempt At Successful Nonverbal Communication

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There are five key elements that can make or break your attempt at successful nonverbal communication in business:

Eye contact
Posture, and
Written communication
Let 's examine each nonverbal element in turn to see how we can maximise your potential to communicate effectively...

Eye contact

Good eye contact helps your audience develop trust in you, thereby helping you and your message appear credible. Poor eye contact does exactly the opposite.

So what IS 'good ' eye contact?

People rely on visual clues to help them decide on whether to attend to a message or not. If they find that someone isn 't 'looking ' at them when they are being spoken to, they feel uneasy.

So it is a wise business communicator that makes a point of attempting to engage every member of the audience by looking at them.

Now, this is of course easy if the audience is just a handful of people, but in an auditorium it can be a much harder task. So balance your time between these three areas:

slowly scanning the entire audience, focusing on particular areas of your audience (perhaps looking at the wall between two heads if you are still intimidated by public speaking), and looking at individual members of the audience for about five seconds per person.
Looking at individual members of a large group can be 'tricky ' to get right at first.

Equally, it can be a fine balancing act if your audience comprises of just one or two members -- spend too much time looking them in the eyes…

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