Keiziah Role Model

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Keziah was a role model for me since I was practically an infant, and she still is a role model to me today. To me, she’s the older sister I’ll never have. She helped me grow up to be the teenage girl I am today. I looked up to Keziah as someone I should strive to become. She’s pure-hearted, supportive, passionate about what she loves and extremely generous. Those are such attractive traits to have, in my opinion. I don’t think I would be the same person that I am today if I’ve never met her when I did or where I did. No one could find a reason to dislike her, and for 14 years I still couldn’t find that reason. Despite us not being able to be together like we used to because of the 8,000 mile distance between us now, she still feels like an …show more content…
At the time, she was a fan of kpop, especially the group Girls’ Generation. Listening to that song ended up influencing my undying k-pop obsession. In the end, I became an even more intense kpop fan than she ever was. Besides introducing me to kpop, Keziah introduced me to many things involving music that influenced my love for that it. While attending West Leyden, she was a part of the Leyden Orchesis. Especially during Orchesis season, she’d often come to my house to practice on her own since I had more room in my place compared to her. I remember her teaching me some of her routines, and I think that jump started what would become the dancing hobby that I have today. Whenever I have time or if I’m stressed and need a break, I’d go on YouTube and teach myself a new dance. Thanks to her introducing me to both k-pop and dance, I now know about 100 dance routines that I probably wouldn’t have had the energy or determination to learn otherwise. Before she left, we also convinced our family friends to learn a dance that her and some other friends choreographed. We performed the fun dance at a birthday party, and this memory I will cherish as one of the top

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