Essay Keeping Your Body 's Ph Balance

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Keeping our body’s pH balance in check is always important this because proper body function can happen and we remain healthy. If your blood pH were to drop below 7.35 you would develop a condition called acidosis. Then depending on the cause of this acidosis whether it be the kidneys or the lungs would determine the kind of acidosis. If it is the kidneys causing the acidosis we would call it a metabolic acidosis, where is if it were the lungs it would be called a respiratory acidosis. Know if your blood pH for some reason would be above 7.35 you would be considered alkalosis. The cause of this would also be either the kidneys which this condition is called metabolic alkalosis and if it were the lungs it would called a respiratory alkalosis. Metabolic acidosis occurs when your blood pH drops below 7.35 therefor making your blood acidic. When this condition is present your CO2 levels could be normal but your kidneys are not production enough of the buffer called HCO3 causing the CO2 to be in a large quantity. A normal level of HCO3 would be between 22-26mEqK and in order to bring the level back to normal range the lungs would need to assist. You would need to take more breaths that way you exhale more CO2, decreasing the amount in your body and allowing the buffer to work more effectively. That is one way to treat metabolic acidosis in non-serve cases. Otherwise it is treat through varies sodium bicarbonate injections at different intervals. Some causes for this condition…

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