Keeping The Wild Of Wildlife Essay

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Keep the Wild in Wildlife
When we are driving in our vehicles we try our best to swerve out the way of any kind of life that happens to be in the road, most of us try to recycle as much as possible in hopes that it will lead to less plastic and waste in our oceans, rivers, and lakes, but inevitably animals are still injured due to our carelessness. Everyday a wild animal is killed or hurt because of a thoughtless mistake made by a human. Several are not helped and left for dead while others are sent to an animal rehabilitator. These animal rehabilitators try their best to cure the wildlife and send back into their ecosystems. Louise Shimmel wonderfully expands on wildlife rehabilitation in his article, “What Good is Wildlife Rehabilitation?” She successfully relays his message of proper rehabbing tactics by including opinions of other biologist in the field and using specific real- life examples. Shimmel believes it is the rehabbers responsibility to try and fix the problems caused by us humans, humans are often careless and forget to consider the impact that our cars, windows, powerlines, leftover fishing line etc. have on the organisms around us.
According to Shimmel, an orphaned animal or an animal that one believes to be orphaned should be left in the wild, the mother knows more about its child than a bystander although the fate is unfortunate this is simply natural selection. She also exaggerates the need for training when becoming a wildlife rehabilitator because in…

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