Essay on Katherine Dunham, By Deborah D ' Silva

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Katherine Dunham
By: Deborah D’Silva
“Katherine Dunham revolutionized American dance in the 1930 's by going to the roots of black dance and rituals transforming them into significant artistic choreography”-KDCAH

Background/Personal Information About Katherine Dunham
Katherine Mary Dunham was born on June 22nd, 1990, in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. She was born to her father Albert Millard Dunham and her mother Fanny June Taylor, and was the younger sister to Albert Dunham Jr. (Library of Congress). From a very young age Dunham was fascinated by the art of dance, but she was only allowed to participate in it at her church. At the age of 8 she preformed her first dance to non religious music in a cabaret party. This gave her a bad name with the elders of the church, even though she was doing it to raise money for the church (KDCAH). From then on she wanted to pursue dance as a career, but her parents did not agree with her idea, so she decided to put her dream on hold. Instead she followed her brothers’ footsteps, attending the University of Chicago for teaching; she was the first African American woman to be accepted into the university. As she was studying for her bachelors in social anthropology, she was also a student to Ludmilla Speranza a well known ballet teacher at the time. When Katherine finished her training with Ludmilla, “she decided to form her own dance group called “Ballet Negre”. The company disbanded in 1931” (KDCAH). She graduated the University of Chicago in…

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