Kate Munro 's Girls And Girls By Alice Munro Essay

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Assorted So much progress has been made within the last years to make everyone equal. First by ending slavery in the late 1860s and then by giving the women the right to vote in the 1920s. Even after all this progress so much inequality is still around as for example, an women not getting paid the same as a men or not being able to work in a certain work field because it’s a manly job. In Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meaning of Gender by Aaron Devor, he says that “People use feminism or masculinity to claim and communicate their membership in their assigned, or chosen, sex or gender” (427). Although society tries to assemble gender into specific roles since childhood, eventually each individual identifies themselves. For many centuries woman stay at home and did all the duties around the house as for example, cleaning the house and also handling the children. A great example of this is the story Boys and Girls by Alice Munro, in this story we can see the change within the family as the children grow older. As they get older the children change and their duties change also. The father is a fox farmer and has two children, a girl that’s the oldest and the boy that’s the youngest. In this time the male were dominant figures in the household, while woman had to be submissive. The narrators name wasn’t mentioned but the youngest child was named Laird, which is a synonym for lord. When Laird was still young the father lets the narrator take over some duties…

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