Karl Marxism And Conflict Theory

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The following essay will be written about Karl Marx, a major contributor to the sociological view of conflict theory. He was a large advocate for the proletariat or AKA the common wealth. His views were comprised in an ideology known as communism, in which everything (wealth) would be taken back through revolt and then redistributed among the common man. Karl developed his views within his working field of philosophy. Further, for a majority of his life he lived in London England and there he worked on many books including his most famous book, The Communist Manifesto. In this book he developed another ideology of Marxism where society functioned best through class warfare. Then the intended result of Marx’s ideologies is to create a system of socialism. Nevertheless Marx was highly influential and spread his ideas far and wide. Some of his ideas are cited by other sociologists like Émile Durkheim and Max Weber. …show more content…
Not many things are known about Karl Marx and his child hood but information begins to pick up near his 17th birthday when he entered The University of Bonn. At this university he studied philosophy and literature, but was pushed into doing law by his father because he believed it was more practical. Marx had a medical condition called weak chest therefore he was excused from serving in the military. Further with his new found freedom he began to join clubs in his university. However, these clubs were extremely radical within the government and caused him to get in trouble. With that said, Marx’s father transferred him to The University of Berlin in order for him to avoid this life and Karl finished his education in law

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