Essay about Karl Marx 's Theory On Economics

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Karl Marx based his theory on economics as being the main qualification to place an individual in the stratification system. Marx’s theory placed individuals in an interesting way, he observed material possessions as key factors in societal life. He stratified individuals into two different groups “bourgeois, meaning that you owned the “means of production,” or to the proletariat, a class of workers who served the bourgeois.” (Marx & Engels, 1967). On the other hand Marx’s colleagues however had different theories. Max Weber thought of power and prestige as two subjects that places people in society, this added to Marx’s theory. Weber thought that power, wealth, and how high people think of you is what determines your rank in society. Weber also believed that these three characteristics represented not only individuals but group stratification as well. The combined ideas of Marx and Weber can be seem today through many different examples. I believe that how high people think of you is a personal moral for people I don’t think that it has anything to do with your ranking in society. Gender is a common stratification seem in the work place more than anywhere else. Males are thought to be more qualified than females for most executive positions in a work environment. Women are also paid less than men as well. Women have always taking second to men and are less likely to get promotions or raises. According to “In the labor force, women are often relegated to lower…

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