Karl Marx And The Materialist Conception Of History Essay example

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History from below as an approach to history was born in 1960s and it is connected to Social Sciences. It emphasis that a theory is a starting point, so history is going from theory to evidence. It looks into people everyday life with all its aspects.

The biggest influence on history from below has Karl Marx and his idea of class struggle. He introduced the materialist conception of history, which have seen revolution as a part of complex social- economic process. In those processes the new forces came into conflict with existing social relation. He emphasised that that the social-economic structure was a source of revolution. The theory highlighted a class conflict in society. The struggle happen between bourgeoisies, which are rich people, who owned means of production and proletariat, which are working class, who possessed abilities to work. Furthermore, it highlighted that the proletariat is exploited by the bourgeoisie, who wanted to achieve profit. More so Marx believed that economic structure of society has two components base and superstructure. Base relates to people’s relation to production and all necessary means to production such as: machinery, land and row material. Whereas, superstructure refers to all aspect of society, which are not related with production such as: culture, religion and politics. Moreover, base shapes superstructure, while superstructure maintaining and legitimates the base. It means that, superstructure controls base. As a result of…

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