Karl Marx And The Communist Manifesto Essay

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Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Edouard Bernstein and William Lovett all attempt to answer the social question. Marx as well as Engels attempt to answer the question of class division through communism and The Communist Manifesto. Bernstein wants to answer the question through evolutionary socialism. Lovett desires to answer the social question with Chartism.
The Communist Manifesto is made up of four parts. The first part discusses the communist’s theory as well as the relationship between the proletarians and bourgeoisie. The second part explains the relationship between the communists and the proletarians. The third part is made up of the flaws in previous socialist ideas. The final part describes the relationship between the communists and other political parties.
All three of these answers to the social question differ. They have some similarities, but also argue with each other on some subjects. What all three have in common is that there is a social divide in economic classes, and that it can be fixed.
Oppressor and oppressed, Bourgeois and Proletarian, this is the base of the theory behind the communist manifesto. Marx believes that the bourgeois have stripped all relations with the proletarians creating a divide that will be the birth to an uprising. The bourgeois has turned lawyer, doctor, priest, poet and philosopher into its paid wage workers (127). Marx writes that the bourgeois create the problem of overproduction. They have a constant need of expanding…

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