Karl Marx And His Influence On Society Essay

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Karl Marx started and ended his life as a member of an oppressed group. Being of a Jewish heritage, a descendent of a long line of Rabbi in Germany, Marx had every idea what it was to be on the outside looking in. However, Marx had the opportunity to do something that most do not, trade in his stigma, his Jewish heritage, in order to maintain and grow his legal practice. Relinquishing his stigma did not however remove the awareness that Marx had in regard to the construct of society and classes. This awareness spurned a series of political, social, and, perceived, radical ideals and theories that made him an enemy of many land; including his homeland of Prussia. Keenly affected by the mistreatment of the poor by the government and peasant workers at the hands of industry, Marx used the power of the printed word to expose these abuses which in turn made him the enemy of many more lands during his lifetime.
After his arrival in Paris Marx was immersed in surroundings which afforded him the opportunity to acquaint himself with leading socialist writers and revolutionaries of the time. At this time Marx became intellectually influenced by Henri de Saint-Simon and his followers (Appelrouth & Edles 2012). During this time Marx formulated Christian Socialism, an attempt at organizing modern industrial society according to the social principles espoused by Christianity (Appelrouth & Edles 2012). The contributions of many forward thinkers went into forming the established…

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