Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels Essay

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Marxism is a school of thought based on the ideas of the philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It is a conflict theory, which is when societies are in conflict with each other, and Marxism claims that this conflict is between the rich (bourgeois) and the poor (proletariats). Their ideas were influenced by fellow German philosopher G.W.F Hegel, and their personal observations of the class struggle during their time. However, Marx and Engels eventually broke away from Hegel’s thinking. They disagreed with his claims that ideas and external forces shaped reality. To them, ideas were simply a reflection of the material world and one had to have a reality to form an idea.

The advent of the Industrial Revolution (IR) in the second half of the 18th century led to the rapid emergence of a new bourgeois society that gradually came to dominate the class hierarchy. Furthermore, the “epoch of the bourgeoisie also brought about the development of the proletariat” (Boyer, 1998). Capitalism caused an increased social stratification which promoted further economic disparity. Marx and Engels attributed this disparity as the foundation for society’s problems and complied their thoughts on them in The Communist Manifesto. These works highlighted in-depth what they thought were the root of society’s problems and how society could rectify them.

Marx and Engels believed that the IR was unfair to the Proletariat as it took away their independence and their pride in their work, forcing…

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