Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels 's The Communist Manifesto Essay

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During the Industrial Revolution there major problems were stirring in European society. These problems mostly involved the rankings in society between the middle class and the poor workers. These problems extended to the Netherlands on how the rich looked down at the poor. The ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the authors of the Communist Manifesto, were exceptionally different from the ideas of Abraham Kuyper as seen in their religion or absence thereof, the audience to which they were speaking, as well as the time and setting in which they wrote their books. Marx and Kuyper both identified a noteworthy problem within the society they were living and tried to come up with a solution for it. Their ideas may have been quite different, but in comparing and contrasting the two authors, one will find that their own ideas become sharper and educated.
While Marx and Kuyper both dealt with the issues lingering in the European society, they were two very different people. The way in which people view the world can strongly influence the way in which they interpret and deal with the problems posed to them. As a result, it is imperative that time is taken to really know the two different authors. The most important difference to note about Marx and Kuyper is their religions. Karl Marx was an atheist, his religion was found in his ideas rather than God. On the other hand, Kuyper was a minister of Christianity. We will see the way in which their religions play an astronomical…

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