Kalrayan Hills Case Study

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1.2. Statement of the problem
There are many acute problems of the tribes people in our country lag woefully behind others in development and the tribes continue to be among the weakest and the most exploited section of the society. Before and after Independence, particularly in the context of special provisions in the Constitution for the protection and promotion of the interests of the Scheduled Tribes, various plans and programmes were designed to promote their development. But these are very inadequate as the tribes are much marginalized in society. They are dominated, exploited and controlled by the mainstream. The tribes in Kalrayan Hills have poor infrastructure facilities, the problems related to various aspects of tribal people in
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The empirical study was limited to Salem District kalvarayan hills only, covering the four Panjayat districts, which includes 84 villages A comprehensive study of the Malayali entails an in depth enquiry into anthropological, ethnographic, sociological, geographical, historical, cultural, linguistic and spiritual facets of their life. The present study deals with Socio- Economic status of Tribal’s, in Kalrayan hills these people, Income, , Saving and indebtedness of tribal households, over all tribes welfare measures Nature and Cropping pattern of Employments and their wages and standard of living of the tribal in the study area. The study has also dealt with the strategies, policies and infrastructure need for improving the standard of living of the tribal’s. The present study deals by Socioeconomic status of tribes, income, consumption pattern, Savings and indebtedness of tribal households, nature and pattern, of employment and their wages and standard of living of the trials in the study area. The study has also dealt with the strategies, policies and infrastructure needed for improving the slandered of living of the …show more content…
The Objectives of the Study The main objectives of the present study are:
 To study the socio-economic status of tribal households and economic background, in Kalrayan hills.
 To study the impact of socio-economic status of tribal’s with regard to their agricultural land, occupation, marketing and their livelihood.
 To study the education and development of tribal people.
 To evaluate the tribal development programmes and the role played by the Government.
 To offer valid suggestions for the improvement of the economic status of the Tribal’s in Kalrayan Hills in Salem District. To make possible suggestions for tribal development in future.


Dimensions of SES Measure the Tribal People
Information about Rural development Programme, Information about Agriculture Activity, Details of Livestock Animals, Information about Marketing Activity, Problems of Employment and Livelihood, Information about Financial Status, Tribal welfare

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