Juveniles Who Commit Violent Crimes Such As Murder, Rape, And Manslaughter Should Be Tried As Adults

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Toulmin Model
Claim- Juveniles who commit violent crimes such as murder, rape, and manslaughter should be tried as adults.
Qualifier- the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), composed their findings on October 1, 2014. The maximum age for jurisdiction in juvenile courts in forty one is seventeen years old. Seven states draw the adult/juvenile line at the age of sixteen. The age is only fifteen for two states. These two states are North Carolina and New York. In these states, sixteen and seventeen year olds are automatically charged as adults. All of the states has what is called transfer laws. Offenders tried for severe crimes are charged as adults no matter how old they are. The transfer laws are as follows: Once an adult always an adult transfer. If a juvenile offender was criminally prosecuted anytime in the past they would have to be tried in adult court even if the crime was violent. Another transfer is the judicially controlled transfer. If any case was started in juvenile court, then the juvenile court would have to be the one to transfer the case to adult court. With prosecutorial discretion transfer, some case categories has criminal and juvenile authority. The prosecuting team can make the decision to file in either court. The choice is totally at the prosecutor’s discretion. The final transfer is the statutory exclusion. Murders and violent cases are excluded from going to juvenile court. The law of the states exclude some cases from going to juvenile…

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