Essay on Juvenile Offenders And Adult Facilities

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Juvenile Offenders Every day in the news there are stories about children killing other children. An eight year old finds his parents gun, shoots and kills his little sister. The boy is not charged with murder because he is too young to be held accountable. A teenage girl breaks up with her sixteen-year-old boyfriend. He does not want to break up so he rapes and slits her throat. If he cannot have her, no one will. The sixteen year old is charged with first-degree murder and sentenced to spend forty-five years in prison. He will go straight to an adult facility. His family is fighting to have him moved to a juvenile facility until he turns seventeen. Juvenile offenders that commit heinous crimes should be sent to adult facilities. The State of Texas recognizes anyone who is age seventeen and younger as a juvenile. Over seventeen years of age is considered an adult and will be tried as such. If a person that is under seventeen commits a heinous crime, which is defined as, hateful, and or totally reprehensible, may possibly be sent to an adult facility. Some adult facilities will place juvenile offenders in Administrative Segregation for their protection until they reach the age of eighteen. Ad. Seg may not be the best place for juveniles because “Youth in isolation are frequently locked down for twenty-three hours a day in small cells with no natural light. In fact, youth have the highest suicide rate of all inmates in jail. Youth are nineteen times more likely to commit…

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