Essay on Juvenile Delinquency : The Violation Of The Law

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Juvenile delinquency refers to the violations of the law by minors. The criminal law views juveniles differently than adult crimes. Sometimes juveniles commit serious crimes are the exception to this. In this essay you will find out how much delinquency takes place in the United States and the different ways delinquency is measured. These different ways delinquency can be measured sometimes has a major impact on the conclusions that a perceived about the extent and trends in delinquency. Most of what you hear about delinquency is wrong and misguiding. How is Delinquency Measured? Many people wonder how crime is measured. Well law enforcement decided to keep track of all the crime that is committed to see how it fluctuates from year to year. “Efforts in the latter field have produced an acceptable system for measuring the amount of crime. Although the system used is the best that has yet been developed anywhere in the world, it is not perfect. A study of it, however, may lead, quickly and directly, to a system for measuring the extent of juvenile delinquency, and thus avoid circuitous meanderings over paths long since abandoned in the search for an acceptable measure of general criminality (Wilson 1951).” There are three ways of measuring the extent and trends in delinquency. The first one is “official” statistics. The police, juvenile court, and juvenile correctional agencies keep track of delinquent acts juveniles partake in. The second is “self-report” data. This data is…

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