Juvenile Delinquency : A Growing Concern Throughout America Essay

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Juvenile Delinquency: Rehabilitation or Punishment
Juveniles and crime continues to be a growing concern throughout America. While juveniles are usually known to commit less serious crimes in their adolescents, some have been known to commit more violent crimes. Statistics show that adolescent “now are more likely to be perpetrators of serious and deadly crimes such as arson, aggravated assault, rape, and murder” (Collier 609). Juveniles who commit such offenses are in most cases tried in the juvenile court system. However, there have been cases of juveniles who commit extreme offenses and are subsequently tried as adults. Trying juveniles as adults has sparked controversy and has led to a divide. Some believe juveniles who commit violent crimes should be tried and punished as adults, while others believe juveniles are not as competent to withstand the adult court system. Does a juvenile hold the ability to fully know right from wrong, and should juveniles who commit adult crimes be tried in adult court?
There are members of society who strongly oppose children of certain ages being tried or convicted within the adult justice system. Many believe the age of the child should be taken into consideration, rather than the nature of the crime that has been committed. It is thought that while children may commit criminal offenses, it is reasonable to believe rehabilitation is possible. Laurence Steinberg, writer of “Should Juvenile Offenders Be Tried as Adults”, notes that…

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