Justification And Relevance Of Lesson Essay

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Justification and Relevance of Lesson
Energy is the ability to do work. It has the potential to make changes, and any changes are due to work being done. This is significant because work can generate energy, and energy itself can do work (i.e., work done on windmills by the wind produces energy, and energy is used in homes to do work).
Standards and Learning Objectives
Content Learning Standards (s)
HS-PS3-2: Energy at the macroscopic scale.
• PS3.A: At the macroscopic scale, energy manifests itself in multiple ways, such as in motion, sound, and thermal energy. Common Core State Standards
MP.2: Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
Learning Objective (s)
Knowledge: The students will be able to understand that energy can be elastic and that it can be used to do work. Student Friendly Learning Objectives (Posted on the white board)
Knowledge: I can understand that energy can be elastic and that it can be used to do work. Assessment
Assessment Strategy
Formal Formative: The data table will should indicate an increasing height pattern as the students deflect a ruler or meter stick to blast a penny up in the air. Performance Expectation and Evidence
All students are expected to meet the objective.
The formal formative evaluations will indicate whether or not the students meet the targets.
Using Assessment to Guide Instruction
Any answers deviating from the expected will indicate errors in data collection, and will have to be fixed.
Instructional Materials, Equipment,…

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