Essay on Justice Is Changed Over Time

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Justice is a concept that has been argued since the beginning of history, but we ask ourselves: what is justice? This idea has changed over time, expressed through phrases such as “an eye for an eye” or “leave no debt unpaid”, or in modern times, in which sentences are handed out in response to the gravity of the crime. Justice is forever changing, and has taken many definitions, but John Rawls came to know it as the idea of fairness. This idea of fairness is centered around the idea of cooperation, which he further explains as, “…a central element of the terms of cooperation is what Rawls terms “reciprocity”, involving evaluations of benefits and respect to publicly affirmed benchmark of “equality” (Bradford 614). This brings us to our main debate, of whether or not Rawls is able to connect this idea of fairness to the dominant neoclassical economic school, or are the two social visions incompatible. I agree with Bradford’s idea that these theories are incompatible and neoclassical does not side with fairness. However, I believe my school, the institutional school, does compare well to this idea of fairness and that our understanding of the market being a social institution and the government able to regulate this to assure fairness, makes us compatible to Rawlsian justice. First, let’s examine why Rawlsian justice does not work with neoclassical economics. A key idea in Rawlsian justice is fairness and in this social vision, it is important that everyone throughout…

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