Justice and Injustices Essay

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As human beings we are always trying to differentiate right and wrong. We are constantly searching for what is the right thing to do so that we can make sure our actions are just. We do the right thing so we can satisfy our craving for justice. But there are times where justice cannot be obtained by doing the “right” thing because obtaining justice will always require some sort of action be done even if that action is wrong. Shakespeare’ Julius Caesar shows that before justice can take place there must be injustice. Nothing can be gained without first sacrificing something. Justice is the same way. The sacrifice for justice takes form in peoples actions. Sometimes those actions can be considered unjust, but if they are necessary …show more content…
The final class of Kallipolis – the producers – will exhibit the virtue of moderation so the city will be just. Plato thinks that moderation is crucial to the existence of justice because ‘it makes the weakest, the strongest, and those in between all sing the same song together. And this unanimity, this agreement between the naturally worse and the naturally better as to which of the two is to rule both in the city and in each one is rightly called moderation.’ (432a-b) The idea of harmony is crucial to Plato’s definition of justice, as justice to him means each part of society works together in the best way possible, with each part of society content to play out its particular role as best it can. As Plato explains: ‘Justice, I think, is exactly what we said must be established throughout the city when we were founding it… that everyone must practice one of the occupations in the city for which he is naturally best suited.’(433a)
Once Plato has found justice within the larger environment of Kallipolis he seeks to transfer it back into the human soul, which he identified as having more than one single driving force. Plato bases this assumption on the ability of a person to be indecisive about actions such as drinking when something in their soul forbids them to do so even if they desire it. This indecisiveness can be transformed into internal

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