Essay on Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson

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Is the judicial system fair to people of color? In the book Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson we mostly follow the case of Walter McMillian who was falsely accused of murder and put on death row for six years. Stevenson also included other cases, mostly about how we have so many innocent people in prison because of the unjust and racist judicial system. One of the ways the judicial systems lets down black people is when they are selecting jurors for the trials. Excluding black people from jury selection solely on the fact that they are black is illegal, yet we see it throughout the book. You may think it’s just a problem of the past but it’s still a prominent issue today; (as was the case of Trayvon Martin) and it brings up the question on how fair the judicial system is to people of color. When the jury is being selected for a trial they go through a selection step where they are supposed to weed out any bias. When you’re in jury selection you can be let go for multiple reasons, whether it be your relation to someone on trial, or you’ve gone through the same experience as the victim. If these jurors were selected they would have some sort of bias in the case and be stuck out by the prosecutor which in legal terms is called peremptory strike. Although this is how peremptory strike is supposed to work what they did to many of the prisoners in the book (including Walter), and back before the 1960’s is use all their peremptory strikes on black men and women leaving all the bias…

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