Essay on Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson

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“Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson, and he is also the main character of the book. Stevenson narrated the stories about law, justice, kindness, compassion, and love with his personal experience. Stevenson was born in a poor, racially segregated rural. He did not affected by the living environment, and he was positive and became a student at Harvard Law School. Stevenson was holding a determination to struggle for racial inequality and to be equitable and fair with one another. At the beginning of studying law, he was confused and has nothing to do with the knowledge he learned from the classes, and that was totally different with his expected. However, when he met the first prisoner, Henry, through an internship opportunity of SPDC, Stevenson was impressed by Henry 's words and deeds, and also Henry reshaped the his understand about humanity, forgiveness and hope. The meeting definitely changed his future as a lawyer. Stevenson realized that the originally studied at Law school was isolated from his life, but now he had new significance of it. If he wanted to help and change the inequality he saw, developing necessary skills became an important, meaningful tools. After graduating from law school, Stevenson committed to legal aid, and he served and represent people who poor, condemned, on the death row. During the internship at SPDC, Stevenson got two cases, Lurid Ruffin and a black teenager, who were both died at he hands of police. Also, he had a terrifying encounter which…

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