Jury Nullification And Its Effect On Society Essay

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In a democratic society, when a person is accused of a crime, they are judged by a group of their peers. Most juries hear testimony, and render a verdict of guilt or innocence, based on evidence and how that evidence violates the established law. Jurors, also possesses the ability nullify a case, if they deem the respective violated law to be unfair. When considering the magnitude of power the ability to nullify places in the hands of twelve randomly selected people, one must consider; whether or not juries should possess the ability to use power of jury nullification. This essay will discuss the notion that twelve randomly selected people should not possess the ability to superseded laws that were established by democratic societies, because they disagree with the fairness of a particular law.
Cases were defendants are freed based on any fact except innocence, is a valid reason to keep jury nullification out of the hands of juries. The ability to ignore a law, because 12 people find the law to be unjust, is a scary concept. Take for example the case of Emmett Till; Till, was a fourteen year old African American from Chicago. He was brutally murdered for the simple offense of accused of flirtation with a white woman. This flirtation occurred four days before his death. The woman’s husband and brother, brutally beat him, gouged out his eyes, and shot him, before discarding his body into the river. The jury took less than an hour to nullify the defendants, who later admitted…

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