Junot Diaz 's ' Fiesta ' Essay

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Analysis Of Fiesta By Junot Diaz
Junot Diaz’s short story “Fiesta”, is based on an immigrant family which consists of a father, mother, two sons and a daughter attending a family celebration to welcome their aunt and uncle. As the story progresses, it shows misfit relationships in the family. Throughout “Fiesta,” the father is not honest to his wife and is dominating over the family. The mother and children fear their father. Furthermore, the two sons show internal hatred towards their father although the mother takes actions in several events to prevent breaking up of the family unit. Dishonesty, hatred and protectiveness operate together in this short story, to demonstrate that a family should be a unit that has respect, affection and honesty towards each other in all situations that arises at various times.
Dishonesty provides a central role in this story. The father (Papi) who was one of the major characters showed dishonesty in the family. At the beginning of the story, the boys “knew that Papi had been with that Puerto Rican women he was seeing and wanted to wash off the evidence quick”(1) shows that the father was hiding the fact of being with another woman to his wife. In addition, at one time the father takes the boys to the Puerto Rican woman’s house. It was not only the father who was dishonest but the children as well; when Yunior says “I didn’t say anything to mami either.”(7)This also shows that the boys were scared and wouldn’t go beyond the father to speak…

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