Fast Food Diseases

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Fast Foods and Sugary Drinks: the Main Causes Fatal Diseases

Food can be classified as unprocessed and processed. On the one hand, unprocessed food are food that are free of any chemicals or food that we consume within a short period of time, we do not store them long. On the other hand, processed foods can either be prepared and served very quickly, like pizza, or usually are sold to customers in a packaged form, such as fried chicken, potato cheeps, chocolates, sodas, and so on. Some processed foods, in particular those that we buy as a package, has a number of chemicals added so that they could last long without spoilage. Nowadays, as we can obviously see there are numerous fast food restaurants in the United States of America in
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It is obvious that in the United States many people, including adults and children, are vulnerable to eating fast food. In the article, “Debate: Should Junk Food Be Illegal?” Carol Smith explains that we have ceased to eat junk food in moderation. She discusses about how our behavior has led the general population to develop chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Especially, the author states that this epidemic has affected the younger generation of the world. “In 2010 there were 43 million overweight or obese preschool-aged children in the world and an additional 92 million overweight.” Smith goes on to inform her readers that studies have shown that low and middle income families are the majority that purchase and consume fast food. Besides, she mentions that people are beginning to push laws to cut school sales of junk food. Another sad fact she shares with us is that “up to half of the extra calories people are eating today compared to the 1970s are from soda [soft drinks].” Smith reveals even though the government is supposed to work against fast food they are encouraging addictive (high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oils.) Eventually water will become scarce to hydrate corn, wheat, and soy crops if the government …show more content…
Maria states, “I believe it is time to stop letting big corporations get away with enticing children to consume their high-calorie, high-fat, and high sugar product… (303)”. Certainly, Americans, specifically, children are the ones most enticed by intriguing fast food advertisements. “Fast food restaurants spent $4.6 billion on advertising in 2012- eight percent more than in 2009 (Taft)”. Digital advertisement has increased so fast food is around us more than we think. Parents cannot restrict their children from wanting fast food because when they see an advertisement pop up while playing Angry Birds or a commercial while watching the Nickelodeon channel, they are going to want a Big Mac meal. Another example is that there was a commercial advertising Trolli gummy. With the target audience being teens the marketing team just build upon their childhood love of all things gummy. Despite the fact that the children are the easiest to be persuaded by advertisements, adults are also subject to them. Deals such as free delivery, buy one get one free, and so forth are instruments in the persuasion process. Fast food companies want to profit, so they are willing to pay a lot of money to research and marketing experts so that they could sell their products successfully. Overall, advertisement plays a major role in victimizing Americans into obesity, fast food addiction. Therefore, the government of the United

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