Essay on Julius Caesar : Not Only Dictator But Also Military Leader

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Not Only Dictator But Also Military Leader When the name Julius Caesar is heard, it typically triggers the image of an exemplary leader that led Rome into prosperity. Although notorious for being an extraordinary dictator, he was also most noted for his military excellence and unsatisfied zeal for global expansion. Caesar was construed as a clever military tactician, whom displayed both caution and bravery, and was merciless, yet fair, which led to boundless loyalty from his soldiers and citizens. He was someone with an influential personality and military expertise, which is why he was able to rein over an empire the size of Rome. Through many military accomplishments and defeats, Julius Caesar created many allies and enemies that proved his significance as an exceptional military leader. On July 12, 100 BC, Gaius Julius Caesar was born in Rome as a descendant of Aeneas, the Trojan prince, the son of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who founded Rome, according to legend (Corfield 1). Early in his life, he received an education in Rome and Rhodes, which marked the beginning of his intelligence and brilliance when he was “considered one of the most cultured and literate of Romans by such an expert as Cicero himself” (“Gaius Julius Caesar” 2). Julius Caesar was part of a patrician family, where his father was a governor of Asia and his father’s sister was married to Gaius Marius, a war hero and a politician. However when his father passed away, he fell under the patronage of…

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